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ProZoneEvolution, for the nutritionist, for the evolved zone diet follower and for the individual who want to start in compliance with the latest disclosures and practices for the best nutrition plans based on our DNA requirements and our Paleo anchestors habits. iOS and Android cross sharing and compatible App to manage the meals and recipes, the food, the supplement schedule and, finally, the weekly plan.



What we have here is a perfect tool for creating your own meals, you will not find a huge collection of useless recipes but a weekly plan ready for you to start. You can customize your weekly plan based on what you like most (with regards to your health) and what you are accustomed to eating in your own country and region.
ProZoneDiet was developed in accordance with the Zone Diet block scheme. If you're not familiar with it, there is our free fast guide to it. Should you be an athlete, a nutritionist, a sport enthusiast or a pro athlete who would like to improve performance, or simply to lose weight or for the wellness, you will find the ultimate solution in compliance with the latest disclosures and practices for the best nutrition plans.
This tool is not intended to suit a short time diet but to guide you to understand the best sources of food for your personal needs and how to balance them in order to obtain the maximum benefit whilst engaging in an exciting game: your life.
Take control of what your body needs most and ignore random feed driven by the devious commercials of the food industry.
Developed by Sasha Marvin (world champion WAGAC 2012, Italian champion IGAC 2013, glyder aerobatics) under the guidance and supervision of the certified professional nutritionist Marta Molinari PhD (certified by Enerzona Dieta Zona 2009 and certified by the Metabolic Typing Education Centre 2011).
The 3 versions of ProZoneEvolution are the BASIC, ADVANCED and the FULL for the Nutritionist who can customize nutrition plans in minutes with the speed of a swipe. Based on zone diet blocks concept, and taking advantage of the gesture actions, you will have the ability to create meals, add food, manage supplements and modify the protein/carbohydrate ratio to design your perfect weekly nutrition plan. Export the recipes and share on twitter, facebook any messenger, and your friends will be able to import the meals in their plans. Export the whole plan and the end the final user will be able to import it on his own mobile device.







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Differences and Features of the Basic Advanced Full

The 3 versions of ProZoneEvolution are the BASIC, the ADVANCED and the FULL (for nutritionists). See the differences between the 3 versions.

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Instructions reference for the ProZoneEvolution app.

Zone Diet quick guide

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